PSA: Last Day to Submit Open Internet Comments to the FCC - Update

| 15 Jul 2014 15:40
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Get those final comments into the FCC today!

Update: The comment deadline has been extended until midnight on Friday, July 18 due to FCC server issues. In the hours before the original deadline was to pass last night, an overwhelming number of comments were submitted, causing the site's servers to crash.

As of yesterday, the FCC had over 677,000 comments on hand relating to its net neutrality proposal. (Update Source: re/code)

Original Story: Two months ago, the FCC opened its virtual doors to the masses, taking public comments on "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet."

The 60-day window for such comments ends tomorrow.

Netizens across the country took to the FCC site to make their voices heard, and over 205,000 comments have been filed since May 15th. If you're not among the hundreds of thousands who have sent opinions to the FCC already, time is running out.

Once the comment period expires tomorrow, a secondary "reply comments" window will start, with an end date of September 10.

In a nutshell, the open Internet/net neutrality movement is about maintaining a level playing field online -- ensuring that all persons and companies have access to the same bandwidth and network speed. The "fast lane" proposals being touted by ISPs like Comcast and Verizon would offer higher amounts of bandwidth and access so long as premiums were paid (see: Netflix).

So however you feel about net neutrality, make your voice heard. Send the FCC an email ([email protected]), or submit a comment through the FCC website

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