Superheroes and Star Wars Cosplayers Go to the Renaissance

| 17 Nov 2014 11:56

Star Wars characters and superheroes' pictures would look a little bit different if they lived in the Renaissance era, photographer Sacha Goldberger illustrates in an exhibit.

Photographer Sacha Goldberger put cosplayers on display at an exhibit in the Grand Palais in Paris from Nov. 13 to 16. Characters have a Renaissance spin in both the clothing and the ambiance in the photos.

Many of the cosplayers wear ruffs, a ruffled neckpiece men, women, and children wore separately during the latter half of the Renaissance. Dresses are floor-length, and each piece of clothing has detail work in embroidery and patterns, along with puffier sleeves, and many layers of fabric.

Beyond the high-level of detail into the period-specific clothing, the team used makeup and lighting techniques to alter models' appearance to make them look more like the actors portraying the famous fictional characters. While there is retouching on the photos, it's the work of the makeup team that makes the Batman and Robin models really look like the pair.

This all comes together to make a series of photographs that resemble Renaissance paintings of our favorite superheroes and science fiction characters.

The photos were all on display at the Grand Palais, and Goldberger has posted some online on his Facebook page, where you can see the names of the people who collaborated on this huge project.

Source: Paris Photo, Sacha Goldberger

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