Roll For Sass! Check Out These Out-Of-Context D&D Quotes

| 15 Jan 2015 17:05

Seduce the dragon, cast for wall of horse, and lose your mind laughing at these contextless Dungeons and Dragons quotes.

Let me tell you a secret about tabletop roleplaying: Creating epic characters and having adventures with them is a tiny part of the fun. The best part is to sit around a table with a group of friends and completely lose your minds laughing about the insane things coming out of everyone's mouths. That's why websites like Out of Context D&D Quotes are so great - anyone who's played a tabletop RPG knows exactly how they come about.

Of course, the only thing to make those quotes better is to visualize them, preferably in a fantasy setting so you can imagine them in character. Thankfully, one enterprising Imgur user is helping out by taking the out-of-context quotes and adding handy D&D themed images. And I have to admit, as a tabletop gamer and GM, I find myself nodding my head at how true-to-life these all are.

Rolling for sass? Stealing aprons? Attempting to seduce a dragon? These are things that seem impossible unless you understand gaming table logic. I recommend you take some time to read through the assembled list for a laugh, hopefully before making suggestions of your own in the comments.

Source: Imgur

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