Super Meat Boy in Smash Bros.? Team Meat Says "Make it Happen!"

| 6 Apr 2015 21:31
super meat boy in smash

Team Meat has rallied its fans to get Super Meat Boy voted into Super Smash Bros.

When EarthBound's Lucas was announced as Super Smash Bros. DLC, Nintendo asked its fans: "Who's next?" Xbox boss Phil Spencer would love to see fan-favorite Banjo-Kazooie in the game, and now, Super Meat Boy's Team Meat is rallying its fans to vote the titular Meat Boy in.

The team even made this super-cool mock-up image showing Meat Boy squaring off against Megaman, which you can check out to the right. "This would be pretty amazing..." said the dev via Twitter, "make it happen. Go vote!"

For those of you worrying that you're "wasting your vote" by voting for a third-party character, a Nintendo representative recently stated that all suggestions would be considered - even non-Nintendo characters.

While Meat Boy would be a pretty awesome addition to the Smash Bros. roster, I can't help but feel there are some better choices that should come before him. Bayonetta, and Travis Touchdown, for example, would be amazing.

Source: Twitter

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