New Overwatch Beta Patch Brings New Tracer Pose, Accidental Invisibility

| 6 Apr 2016 16:15

The new beta patch for Overwatch added content, removed and replaced some things, and accidentally turned one character invisible.

A new Overwatch beta patch released yesterday, and brought with it new Legendary skins, detailed the penalties for players who repeatedly leave games, and implemented a bunch of technical tweaks and fixes.

In addition to the additions and fixes, the patch also appears to have made a new over the shoulder pose available for Tracer. Although it was not directly mentioned in the patch notes, the new pose was confirmed by the official Overwatch Twitter account. The original over the shoulder pose was criticized by a poster on the forums, resulting in a pair of responses from Game Director Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan originally stated that the team wants "everyone to feel strong and heroic," and that they will "continue to try to do better," later issuing a lengthier response, stating that the team was not happy with the original pose anyway and had already created the alternative.

The patch wasn't flawless, however. Blizzard was forced to temporarily remove Soldier: 76 after a new skin caused the character to become invisible.

"We've recently discovered an issue with one of Soldier: 76's Legendary skins that allows players with the skin equipped to become invisible in the game world," the post reads. "Due to the impact of this issue, we've temporarily disabled Soldier: 76 until we can patch in a fix. While not ideal, unfortunately the same issue that's causing the unintended invisibility is also preventing us from disabling the skin on its own."

A patch for this issue is currently being worked on, and is expected to be available sometime this week.

You can check out the full patch notes here.

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