Battleborn & Stellaris Bargain: 25% Off for Steam Copies

| 26 Apr 2016 16:00

Battleborn and Stellaris near release and the deals are heating up.

PC-wise Battleborn bargains are available this week at GMG... Well, 25% off at least, which cuts the list price $15 from $60 to only $45 for Steam copies of the game. On top of that, if you pre-order you'll also get automatically entered into a contest where winners will be refunded the money spent on the game (read: free Battleborn) or win Turtle Beach gaming equipment. The game is out in just a week, so if you want to play Day 1 on the PC, this is currently the best way to go that we've spotted as of writing.

Another release out next week is Stellaris. The latest strategy title from Paradox Interactive is also receiving the same pre-order deal love. Rather than pay the full $40 list price, your price drops to only $30, and you get the same pre-order bonuses as you do on Steam Store, which includes your name sent on a Weather Balloon into real-life space (odd pre-order bonus, but unique). Yep this week's theme is novelty pre-order bonuses. Note for big-time fans, the 25% off code will also work on the Nova and Galaxy Editions of Stellaris.

If you procrastinated on last month's release of Hitman on PC, you've won the waiting game. This week DLGamer has a 33% off price break for the Full Experience version (all episodes). Today marks the release of Episode 2 of 6 "Sapienza" and the entire game is only $40 versus the previous $60 list price.

Finally, on the console side of things we have a number of hot Xbox One bundle deals, including brand new units of the Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle for only $279 on eBay. Plus, on the same "auction" site, you can pick up 12-months of PlayStation Plus for only $39.99. Both rare deals that should sell out within the week.

Big Deals of the Week


Battleborn (Steam) - $45.00.

Use Coupon: DEALZON25 -- Releases May 3. List is $60. The Deluxe Edition is also 25% off after coupon.


Battleborn + $25 eGift Card (PS4, Xbox One) - $59.99.

Releases May 3. List is $60. Deal expires May 2.


Stellaris (Steam) - $30.00.

Use Coupon: DEALZON25 -- Releases May 9. List is $40. The 25% off coupon will also work on the Nova Edition for $37.50 and the Galaxy Edition is $52.50.


Hitman - The Full Experience (Steam) - $39.99.

List is $60. Also available 20% off the Hitman Upgrade Pack.


Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle - $279.00.

Released April 5. List is $350.

Recent Releases


Jalopy (Steam) - $8.32.

Released last Friday. List is $13. Deal expires April 29.


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Steam) - $31.99.

Released last Thursday. List is $40.

Upcoming Releases


Doom (Steam) - $45.00.

Releases May 13. List is $60.


Total War: Warhammer (Steam) - $45.00.

Releases May 24. List is $60.


Mafia III (Steam) - $45.00.

Releases October 7. List is $60.

PC Deals


Tom Clancy's The Division (Uplay) - $41.99.

List is $60.


Cities: Skylines (Steam) - $12.00.

List is $30.


Europa Universalis 4 (Steam) - $8.00.

List is $40.


Hearts of Iron 3 Complete (Steam) - $7.00.

List is $35.

Console Deals


Xbox One 1TB Spring Bundle + Free Game - $349.00.

List is $399.


PlayStation Plus 12-Month Card - $39.99.

List is $50.


Final Fantasy XIV Online - Realm Reborn/Heavensward (PS4) - $29.99.

List is $60. Deal expires today.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker (Nintendo 3DS) - $24.99.

List is $50.

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