Pokemon GO Field Tests Come Stateside - Here's How to Sign up

| 16 May 2016 20:16

Interested in testing Nintendo's upcoming Pokemon mobile ARG: Pokemon GO?

I've got some good news for Pokemon fans today. Field (beta) testing for Pokemon GO, previously only available in Japan, has just opened up to North America, Australia and New Zealand. Head on over to the game's official website to sign up.

The game, which is being developed by ARG veteran Niantic "combines mobile location technology and augmented reality to create a unique game experience that motivates players to go outside, explore, and catch wild Pokemon in the world around them."

If chosen, you'll be able to play a test version of the game for free and report back to Niantic with any bugs or suggestions. It recommends potential testers have a device running Android Version 4.3 or higher, or iPhone 5 or higher.

It's too early to see if this is going to be the smash hit Nintendo hopes it will, but it certainly does hold a lot of promise. Definitely worth checking out!

Source: Nintendo

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