Resident Evil 4 Headed to PS4 and Xbox One in August

| 8 Jul 2016 12:10

Resident Evil 4, widely thought to be the best game in the series, is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Since its release in 2005, Resident Evil 4 has been highly regarded among gamers as the best of the Resident Evil games. It was the game that pioneered the over-the-shoulder camera view that has become so prevalent in the third-person shooter genre. It won a number of Game of the Year awards in 2005, and has appeared on multiple platforms since then.

On August 30, Resident Evil 4 will land on the PS4 and Xbox One. The re-release will include all the bonus content that was released for the game, as well as the New Game Plus and Mercenaries Mode options.

The announcement came on Capcom's blog , and is likely intended to drive interest in the series and the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7. If you have a PS4 with PS Plus and want to check out RE7, there's a free demo available.

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