Morgan Webb

| 5 May 2006 14:21

G4 sent out a notice yesterday that they'd be "offering" their on-air talent and certain executives for telephone interviews prior to E3. Among them, Morgan Webb.

Feeling nostalgic, I asked Shannon The Man to hook me up with an interview for this afternoon. He was a bit surprised (and envious) when they agreed. I was a bit disappointed - now I'd have to think of something to ask.

I enlisted the aid of the entire office, but the feedback I received was, on the whole, unhelpful. A flurry of googling and website viewing soon followed my request and there was much tittering about words such as "spread." It would seem that it is almost impossible to concentrate on "serious gaming journalism" when the subject of nakedness continually enters the conversation.

We're looking at how to work that into the company handbook.

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