Consumers Expecting Cheaper PS3?

| 14 Nov 2006 10:53

Compete, a website that estimates user traffic and trends by measuring click-sharing, reports that 48% of those considering a PS3 think it costs less than $300.

News of the hefty $600 price tag on the PS3 has not reached some regular consumers, according to Compete: "Almost half (48%) of those considering a PS3 expect it to cost less than $300-equivalent to the original price of a PS2. When told of the PS3's actual retail price, 73% of all gamers and 59% of those considering a PS3 thought it was overpriced."

The Wii has fared better in that regard, with 75 percent of the consumers considering a $250 Wii expecting it to cost over $200. It's not all success for Nintendo however, Compete claims that only 39 percent of Gamecube owners are considering a Wii while 40 percent are considering a PS3. 63 percent of PS2 owners are considering a PS3.

Source: Compete Blog

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