Harmonix Donates to Guitar Hero Fansite

| 25 May 2007 15:55

Guitar Hero developer Harmonix shows some love for its fans by helping out financially., a Guitar Hero fansite managed by administrator 'JCirri', recently ran a donation drive to raise $10,000 for new server hardware. The fund received a recent boost when Harmonix donated $2,000 to show support for its community.

Alex Rigopulos, President of Harmonix, posted on ScoreHero's message boards. "Hey everyone, I just kicked in a big donation on behalf of the whole crew here at Harmonix. You guys are awesome!"

Harmonix's actions were greatly appreciated by the forum posters, as demonstrated by their messages.

"Thank you!!! Cool that SH gets some lovin' from the big guys"- socrstopr

"Though the rest of the staff are most likely sleeping right now, we all VERY appreciate what you guys do for us. Much thanks."- Phr34k

Source: 1Up

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