Capcom Creates Okami Art Site

| 14 Apr 2008 10:08

Capcom is celebrating the artistic style of Okami by launching a website hosting its game art.

Okami Art is a Capcom-sponsored site that promotes the artwork of PlayStation 2 action/adventure title Okami. The unique, pencil-sketched style set Okami apart from the games of its era, along with being storied in Japanese mythology.

The website features three main sections:

  • Gallery- The art gallery displays over 300 drawings of main character Amaterasu, other characters and scenery.
  • Wallpaper- A collection of desktop wallpaper drawings.
  • Fan Art- Hundreds of fan-sketched pieces hosted for visitors to admire. Entries can be submitted to

Udon Entertainment is also selling Okami Official Complete Works, available from Okami Art.

Okami was created by the now-closed Clover Studios and is currently being ported to the Nintendo Wii by Ready at Dawn.

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