Boom Blox Ships

| 6 May 2008 14:46

Boom Blox, the first game to come from the creative collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts, has shipped and will soon be on store shelves around the world.

Featuring a cast of over thirty wacky characters, Boom Blox will take players through almost 400 levels of explosive destruction in single-player, cooperative and competitive multiplayer challenges. An easy-to-use level editor is included with the game, allowing players to create all-new levels and remix the old ones and then share their designs over WiiConnect24.

"Boom Blox was designed to be interactive, pure escapism and fun for kids of all ages," said renowned Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, one of the creative forces behind the game. "My hope is that it will be a great shared family experience."

"As we developed Boom Blox, we realized that the possibilities with the puzzles were endless," added Boom Blox Executive Producer Louis Castle."We wanted to extend that element of wonder and discover to players and even give them the chance to share those puzzles with their friends. We feel we've reached a new level of creative and immersive gameplay with the uniqueness of the Wii system and are looking forward to seeing what kids create."

Boom Blox was developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii at EA Los Angeles as part of the EA Casual brand. The game is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB and 3+ by Pegi, and is slated to hit Europe on May 8, Asia on May 13 and Japan on May 22. For more information, go to EA's official Boom Blox website.

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