Sony Attacks Microsoft on GTA IV DLC; Says PS3 Might Also Get DLC

| 7 May 2008 16:42

In a strange attack on Microsoft, a Sony official said the 360's planned Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content was a desperate maneuver - shortly after asserting the PS3 will "probably" also have DLC.

"Well I think you probably will see [GTA IV DLC on PS3]," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President David Reeves told "It's just that a deal obviously was struck between Microsoft and Take Two to do that, and if that's what they want to do, I think that's the last shot they have."

Reeves reference to a supposed Microsoft "last shot" may have been related to his company's announcement that PS3 sales have outstripped those of the 360 in Europe. The PS3 still lags behind considerably in the US, and first week Grand Theft Auto IV sales came down in favor of the 360 55/45 worldwide.

Sony had earlier dismissed the significance of DLC for the title, saying it would not sway gamers' decision about which console to buy. Reeves statement was the first indication that Rockstar might release DLC for the PS3.


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