Capcom Official Bemoans "Segmented" Console Networks

| 28 May 2008 13:25

Capcom USA Director Adam Boyes has said that absence of interoperability between consoles' online networks artificially separates players.

"For us it's about getting it to as many people as humanly possible," said Boyes, whose company is keenly interested in Sony's upcoming virtual world Home and Microsoft's game development tool, XNA.

"In an ideal world, all the back ends would talk to each other so people could compete together and play together. Simply having a different platform segments the market for multiplayer," he said.

Boyes used Plunder, a Capcom title to be released on PC, to illustrate his point.

"With PC, we're going across to all the different digital distribution and delivery companies and so again it's about reaching as many people as possible. When you choose one partner it segments the marketplace for us," he said.

Plunder is also set to be released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


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