NCsoft Boss: No New MMOGs Needed to Boost Financials

| 28 May 2008 13:53

Downplaying poor first quarter financial results, NCsoft CEO Geoff Heath said the company will do fine without any new titles this year.

The company reported a 43 percent hit to its profits for the first quarter, but Heath said that as an MMOG developer, NC Soft could counterbalance losses by improving on established services for games like City of Heroes,, Guild Wars and Tabula Rasa.

"This is a pretty robust business - if you get it right - you've only got to look at World of Warcraft," Heath explained, although no other MMOG has actually come close to achieving that game's subscriber base.

Nonetheless, Heath said that growing the base of his company's MMOG was the main part of his plan: "With the online games business, it's all about growing your subscriber base. If you can do that by improving on your existing products, you don't necessarily have the pressure of getting a product out to market to make your revenue for the year."


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