Tough to Overcome Disney Image, Says Developer

| 3 Jun 2008 14:27

Preconceived notions about Disney's video gaming products are a challenge for Pure developer Black Rock Studio.

"The big hurdle for us has been the Disney angle," said Tony Beckwith, the general manager.

The British development team, once known as Climax Racing, faces preconceptions that it is working on kids-oriented and cartoonish material.

"When we were acquired by Disney I had friends phoning me up asking 'are you going to be making Mickey Mouse kart games?' You can just see looking at user comments online now, on videos for Pure, saying 'oh my God that's amazing.' But people are surprised that it's coming out under the Disney label," Beckwith explained.

He said his team's goal was to "push the Disney brand further" and move beyond the classic images.

Members of his team have also collaborated with other divisions, such as those that designed theme park rides, as part of Pure's design process.

"Well, what are theme park rides? They're one-minute experiences. What's a racing game? They're all sort of one-minute exhilarating experiences," said Beckwith.

Pure will ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC later this year.


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