id Software Says ESA Departure Temporary

| 9 Jun 2008 10:45

id CEO Todd Hollenshead has claimed the developer's departure from the ESA is "temporary" and "not political."

When id Software followed LucasArts's lead and left the Entertainment Software Association, the move brought into question the management of the trade group.

In an interview with the Washington Post's Mike Musgrov, id Software Chief Executive Officer Todd Hollenshead explained his company's departure from the organization.

"Our departure from ESA is probably temporary and was not political," he said. "It was just a question of other priorities this year that we wanted to focus on."

Cutting its membership was a business decision, and Hollenshead called the ESA "a credit to the industry."

Even though id seems to feel fine toward the assocation, Entertainment Consumers Association Hal Halpin claims that two more companies are planning to leave the ESA while many more "are unhappy but remain with the organization."

"It's really concerning for all of us," he lamented. "Anyone who cares about the games business should be concerned about what's going on with the ESA."

Source: Washington Post via GamePolitics

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