THQ: Girls Have Better Things to do Than Game

| 12 Jun 2008 09:30

THQ Wireless executive James Scalpello sees courting the female demographic as "a lost cause."

"I'm just not convinced by the whole 'games for girls' idea," Scalpello said to

Scalpello sees that other industries might be able to target women, but game developers haven't found a solution.

"I don't think there's ever been a successful game really pinpointed just for girls. I think it's a lost cause, quite frankly. Car manufacturers colour code bits of cars and for some reason it works. But it doesn't work with mobile games."

The mobile market for women is particularly tough to crack compared to hardcore gamer girls.

He explains, "You have hardcore gamers that are girls, that don't need to be patronised, and you have games that come with a phone - which girls will always play. But not in a million years would most girls connect to a mobile portal to download a game."

Essentially, he believes the interest in gaming boils down to the differences between the genders.

"It's much higher up the list of priorities for guys. To put it bluntly, girls [believe they have] better things to do," he said.


Source: via Computer and Videogames

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