Sid Meier: Colonization 'Very Different' From Civilization

| 16 Jun 2008 14:37

Civilization creator Sid Meier said the PC standalone title Civilization IV: Colonization is sharply different from other Civilization IV entries and that the console title Civilization Revolution is not a dumbed-down experience.

The recently announced Colonization title (pictured) was a result of "lots of fan requests over the years to bring back" the 1995 original, Meier said.

While the Civilization IV engine will be used, the new game represents a "total conversion" and doesn't share the same art assets. The new Colonization "is a very different game than Civilization and features higher-resolution graphics, Meier explained.

Civilization Revolution for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS, was designed with consoles' specific designs in mind, Meier said.

"It's not a 'dumbed-down' Civ. We started from scratch with Civilization Revolution and built the game ground up for [the consoles]," he said, adding that native, customized support for each console's controller functions was key.

The main difference from the PC experience is pacing, Meier said, with the console version taking much less time to complete the various stages of civilization.


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