Sony Announces Life With PlayStation Online Service

| 27 Jun 2008 12:17

Sony is continuing to talk up its planned online offerings for the PlayStation 3, this time with Life With PlayStation, an upcoming PlayStation Network service that will give users access to real-time news and weather from around the world.

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai discussed the coming service yesterday, according to Next-Gen, which described it as working "on two axes: place and time." The service will display a 3-D representation of Earth, featuring information on different cities including weather and news headlines, which can be used to access full news articles.

"It's only the PS3 that can provide such a unique experience," Hirai said. "Life With PlayStation proposes a new lifestyle for PS3. As many people turn on their TVs in the morning when they wake up, users can use their PS3 to download worldwide news in real-time or check weather and temperature of travel destinations."

Kirai added that the current Life With PlayStation model is only the beginning. "In the future, we'll build a system that can virtually present stored photos or movies according to recorded time and place, allowing users with their friends and family to enjoy them visually in chronological order," he said. Dynamic in-game advertising and "charged downloadable content" are also planned for later integration. More details, as well as a launch date, will be released later.

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