EA Sports Apologizes For Irish Anthem Error

| 3 Jul 2008 15:41

EA Sports has apologized for mistakenly using "The Soldier's Song" as the national anthem for Northern Ireland in FIFA 2008.

A report in the Londonderry Sentinel says gamers have been surprised to discover that a victory by Northern Ireland results in the playing of "The Soldier's Song." As luck would have it, "The Soldier's Song" is the anthem of the Republic of Ireland, which is to say, not Northern Ireland.

"At EA Sports, we pride ourselves on delivering rich and authentic videogame experiences," said company rep Shaun White. "We sincerely apologize for this error."

Gregory Campbell, Minister of Sport for Northern Ireland, expressed his happiness with EA's response, saying, "Any apology on this matter is most welcome. Obviously there's been a lack of knowledge on the maker's part and hopefully it will be changed as soon as possible." He also had a little bit of fun with the error, joking, "Perhaps this will be the only time supporters want to see Northern Ireland lose."

For those who don't live there, confusion over the Northern Ireland anthem is understandable. While "God Save the Queen" is often played at state events, "Londonderry Air" is sometimes used as a substitute at events such as the Commonwealth Games. "The Soldier's Song" is used by some all-Ireland sporting groups, while a song known as "Ireland's Call" is used by the Ireland national rugby union team.

No word has been given on when, or if, EA Sports will correct the mistake.

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