The Return of the Booth Babes!

| 15 Jul 2008 14:50

Booth Babes are back!

Thought to be extinct in the wild since the Great Booth Babe Purge of Ought-Six, Booth Babes have until now been creatures of near-myth, to be studied by schoolchildren and scholars in books and photographs from an earlier, better era. Although specimens have been rumored to exist in the deep wilds of off-site exhibitions, Booth Babes in their natural habitat have been unseen by human eyes for nearly three full years - until today.

Intrepid Kotaku explorer Mike Fahey caught a glimpse of the graceful, elusive creatures earlier today, basking near the display of gaming accessory manufacturer Nyko. The quick-thinking Fahey was able to bring his camera to bear and capture an image of the pair before they bounded off to the safety of the Nintendo Game Reserve. Could this be a sign of a bounce-back in the wild Booth Babe population? Until they can be observed in greater numbers, scientists can only speculate; in the meantime, feast your eyes on these rare beauties here.

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