Prince of Persia Creator Revives Karateka

| 28 Jul 2008 10:49

Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner is going back to his roots with a follow-up to the 1984 title Karateka, the first videogame he ever made.

Mechner revealed the new game at the San Diego Comic-Con, according to a Gamasutra report, saying, "There actually is a plan to bring back Karateka. It' a project I'm going to be involved in. I can safely say it's not going to be in the way you expect." When asked if the project was a videogame, Mechner confirmed that it is.

Originally designed for the Apple II, Mechner developed and released Karateka while still a student at Yale University. The game earned instant acclaim for its smooth, flowing character animations, which represented a major step forward over previous efforts, and also paved the way for the creation of his 1989 hit Prince of Persia. A new Prince of Persia game was announced in April, as well as a Prince of Persia movie that's scheduled to begin shooting in 2009, and which will have its own entirely separate videogame adaption.

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