Videogames Are Making You Fat

| 28 Aug 2008 15:57

People today are fat, lazy slobs, and it's all the fault of videogames.

So says Dr. Keith of The Sun, who wrote that while the number of men engaging in regular exercise has grown very slightly over the past eight years, the increase comes primarily from middle-aged white guys, while younger men - particularly "non-white and low earners" - are actually exercising less. And while things like expensive gym memberships and the vagaries of city life are acknowledged as contributing factors, Dr. Keith thinks the real problem is something closer to home. "I'm talking about computer games," he said.

"All those leisure hours we used to fill with climbing trees or kicking balls have gone," he continued. "Because we're all too busy clicking on consoles with eyes glued to a screen. I recently caught my teenage kids playing virtual tennis. There's a tennis court down the road, but instead of getting fresh air, they were wearing out our carpet, their thumb joints and my patience."

Luckily, the good doctor has some advice for all the women out there who are tired of watching their men turn into bloated sacks of crap. "Tell him to get on his bike - if necessary, buy him a new one," he said. "Get him a dog - it'll need walking. By him." And if all else fails, ladies - and you're prepared to make the sacrifice - you can always let him have a little nookie. "Invite him to bed," Dr. Keith suggested. "Sex isn't great exercise but is better than nothing."

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