Japanese Robocop Nets Crooks By Phone

| 23 Jan 2009 14:06

Controlled from a cellphone, the new Japanese T-34 "catches crooks, just like flies" without the need for a radioactive spider.

The prototype T-34 was developed by robot firm Tmsuk Co and looks very similar to a vaccum, but your average Roomba doesn't fire weighted nets at intruders.

The robot sends a live feed from its cameras direct to a cell phone; when the target gets in range a single press throws the net over the intruder à la Spider-Man. It also has movement sensors for that "Spideysense".

With a cruise speed of 10km/h and no backup weaponry apart from a plaintive beeping, it's hardly ED-209, but then it's a lot safer than sending in security guards who can be shot at.

If you're looking at buying one for your house though, you'll not only have to cough up $9,000, you'll also have to wait two years for the robot to get out of the prototype stage.

Tmsuk are well known for their eclectic set of robots, which can be seen here.

Source: BBC

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