Gears of War Movie: A Harder "Lord of the Rings"

| 26 Jan 2009 14:40

The director of the Gears of War movie adaptation has big plans for the franchise, which he sees as a trilogy that would be like a "harder edged 'Lord of the Rings'."

Len Wiseman, the creator of the gothic-action franchise "Underworld" and director of "Live Free or Die Hard," has the reins on the big-screen adaptation of Epic's blockbuster series. He's currently penning the screenplay with Chris Morgan, whose resume includes chief writing duties on last year's "Wanted," and "The Fast and the Furious" sequel "Tokyo Drift" and the upcoming "Fast & Furious" (otherwise known as "4 Fast 4 Furious").

So: Vin Diesel as Marcus Fenix drifting in a Nos-powered hot rod while mowing down Locust? In my dreams, maybe. Wiseman has his own vision for the movie, and it's a very specific one. "It's going to be much more [on the] science fiction side of it than the creature side of it...I've always been much more of a sci-fi action fan than a horror fan," he said. "The hope is that we're [going to do] three movies and really cover the bases on everything. Basically a harder-edged 'Lord of the Rings'."

If it sounds like Wiseman's woefully out of touch with what Gears of War is, well, you can at least give him credit for owning the game. "When I was on 'Die Hard,' I had to choose some video game for the background in a scene with Kevin Smith. I was shown about a dozen games and told to 'Choose one to be in the background' and I said 'this one looks really, really cool whatever it is,' and it was Gears Of War," Wiseman, who admitted he's not much of a gamer, explained. "I just really connected with it; the design of it the world, the whole thing. So I actually brought an Xbox 360 to start researching what it was."

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