Battlefield Heroes Beta Restarts

| 11 Feb 2009 16:18

EA DICE has announced that the closed beta for Battlefield Heroes has reopened but is still closed, so even though it's open again it will remain closed until it's opened to the public. Which it now is. Sort of.

Announced in January 2008, the free-to-play online FPS was originally scheduled to be released that summer but suffered numerous delays and continued in closed beta testing through the fall. In November, EA DICE announced the beta program was being shut down so the team could focus on "polishing the backend," a statement which didn't inspire nearly as many jokes as I had expected and hoped.

Apparently the backend has had just about all the polishing it can handle because the beta was brought back online today. Gamers who had beta keys for the original program will be able to pick up where they left off, while DICE will resume distributing keys to people who were on the waiting list from the first beta phase. New signups are also being accepted and beta keys will be distributed as slots become available. Unfortunately, anyone who was in the original beta program but lost their key will have to reapply.

No official release date has been set but it's a safe bet that the most recent target of the first quarter of 2009, given when the initial beta phase was shut down, is out the window. For more information or to sign up for your spot in the program, head over to

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