PopCap Announces Peggle Art Contest

| 3 Mar 2009 15:25

PopCap Games has announced the first-ever Peggle Art Contest, a chance for casual gamers with a creative bent to have their work immortalized in future versions of the hit game.

Contest entries can be made for any of the game's artistic elements including background scenes, drawn or written descriptions of new Peggle Masters and even full level designs. Prizes will include Best Buy shopping sprees and exclusive Peggle loot, and the winning entries will also receive an iPhone or Xbox 360 and a trip to visit PopCap's headquarters in Seattle.

"We get a lot of fan mail from Peggle devotees, including lots of suggestions for background art, new Peggle characters and power-ups, and level designs," said PopCap Studio Director and Peggle Co-Creator Sukhbir Sidhu, "and thought an art contest would be a fun way to foster and tap into that creativity and enthusiasm for the game."

The contest is part of PopCap's three-month-long "Peggle Fever," marking the launch of new Peggle titles for the Nintendo DS, iPhone and Xbox Live Arcade, along with the upcoming retail release of the newest Peggle title, Peggle Nights, in April and Peggle for smartphones running Google's Android OS in May. The event will include daily giveaways of games and merchandise as well as the release of a new, free level pack for Peggle Nights.

"Peggle is a pretty special little game, and it deserves all the attention to detail and high touch polish we've given it," said PopCap CCO Jason Kapalka. "We've gone beyond just porting Peggle and have really opened up new territory for the game with the iPhone's input and control mechanisms and by partnering with Q Entertainment on the development of Peggle Dual Shot for Nintendo DS. Add to that the cool multiplayer modes in the Xbox 360 and XBLA versions, and these are really adaptations of the game designed to tap the unique aspects of each respective device and service. It's been really cool to see how the game has evolved and expanded."

Digital submissions to the contest must be no larger than five megabytes in size, while "analog" entries on paper can be a maximum of 8.5" x 11" and no more than four inches in thickness. The contest runs until June 3, 2009. Full rules are available here.

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