Dead Rising 2 Trailer Features Chainsaw-on-a-Stick

| 28 Apr 2009 10:40

What's better than a chainsaw? A chainsaw on a stick. What's better than a chainsaw on a stick? Two chainsaws on a stick - as seen in the new, full-length Dead Rising 2 trailer.

What's better than two chainsaws on a stick? Two chainsaws on a stick attached to a motorcycle.

The trailer introduces Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene, who fills in for Dead Rising's main character Frank West this time around. Chuck is stuck in a grand Fortune City casino (viva Las Vegas, baby!) with a bunch of shambling, mindless undead. What's a man to do - other than wreak zombie havoc, of course.

Chuck Greene seems to be a man of many tastes and many talents. He expresses his sports enthusiast side by taking a baseball bat and swinging for the fences. He gets in touch with his inner sensitive musician by grabbing an electric guitar ... and swinging for the fences. He exhibits his love for social drinking by ... well, okay, we only see him drinking out of the fruity-looking cocktail, but that doesn't mean he couldn't kill a zombie with it if he tried really hard.

More interestingly, though, seems to be Chuck's "Handyman" skills, which appear to grant him the ability to make makeshift weapons - by, say, taping chainsaws to the end of a stick. That could be interesting.

On another note: Frank West, Chuck Greene... I'm predicting that Dead Rising 3's protagonist will be named something along the lines of "Jack Fox" or something.

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