Scene It? Goes Multiplatform This Holiday

| 2 Sep 2009 14:13

Movie trivia party game Scene It? is shedding its 360-only identity this holiday and making the move to multiplatform status on the Wii and PS3.

PS3 and Wii owners will know the joys and frustrations of Warner Bros Interactive's guilty pleasure movie trivia game Scene It? when the franchise migrates from 360 exclusivity to full-on multiplatform status this holiday on the PS3 and Wii. I say joys because it's fun to show off just how much you know about movies at a party (being able to recognize quotes from Driving Miss Daisy will make you the coolest kid in the room) but also frustrations because, dammit, when someone buzzes in right when you're about to do it yourself, oh, that'll make a man go insane.

If you haven't tried out the series in its 360 or DVD-based board game incarnations, essentially it's just a series of minigames based on movie trivia. The game will show you a scene and you have to name the movie, or maybe do something ridiculous like try to name the number of the hotel room that appeared in the scene, that kind of stuff, among other types of games. The new Scene It?, subtitled Bright Lights! Big Screen!, adds "thousands" of new questions, puzzle types, minigames and an "improved" single player option, if you're the kind of guy who tries to memorize every question and answer before the night of the party so you can show off how smart you are.

An interesting tidbit from the announcement is that there's a "new, entertaining game host" in the game, which should be a welcome change for anyone who has ever had to suffer through the atrocious performance of Fred Willard in the 360 game. Let's hope they got Morgan Freeman or someone.

One question that needs answering is whether or not Bright Lights! Big Screen! will come with a novelty controller like the 360's hunk of plastic with a giant colored button. The announcement makes no mention of a special controller, so maybe Warner Bros is cutting back? That might be a disappointment since half the fun of the game is buzzing in, but it could also be a relief. Wiping Cheetos dust off your controllers the morning after the party is always a hassle.

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