Halo, Guitar Hero Underwear Now For Sale at Target

| 2 Sep 2009 15:49

When it comes to gamers, only the truest of the true would be willing to sport these gaming-themed undies. Are you a bad enough dude to wear PS3 boxers?

The eternal question when it comes to men's underwear is boxers or briefs, but when it comes to men's underwear for gamers, equally important questions arise. 360 or PS3? Guitar Hero or Rock Band? Walk into a nearby Target and you too may be face-to-face with a dilemma such as this. The retailer, according to Joystiq's eagle eyes (guess they need to shop for Doritos too when they're not blogging), is now stocking videogame-themed underwear.

Target's selection goes for $9.99 per collectible tin of underwear and comes in the following varities: Guitar Hero, Xbox 360, Atari, Rock Band, Halo and PS3. Apparently this menagerie of gamer-oriented undergarments fills an entire rack over at the Tar-jay, at least in the men's section. There is no rack in the women's section with female counterparts to these products. Sorry, ladies.

So. All ridicule aside, would anyone actually buy these, much less wear them? I can understand the appeal of buying these as ironic collector's items, but to wear them, well let's just say that I would wear gaming underwear, but not for any of these brands. Give me Gunstar Heroes, Persona 4 or Diablo II boxers though, and yes, I will wear them without shame. I will wear them with pride.


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