Hyper Japanese Reporter Takes on Project Natal

| 23 Sep 2009 15:36

Microsoft's Xbox 360 may be lagging behind in Japan, but that doesn't mean the company isn't going to try to promote Natal - as seen on this clip from a local Japanese news program with an energetic reporter trying her shot at Ricochet.

From the above video, we can learn several things: One, Natal may very well have the potential to replace Wii Sports and Rock Band as the ultimate way to make an idiot out of oneself in a social setting. Two, energetic young Japanese reporters tend to way oversteer in Burnout: Paradise. Three, Microsoft director Kudo Tsunoda isn't as good at Ricochet as the aforementioned oversteering reporter.

It's an interesting idea: Can Microsoft break into the elusive Japanese market with Natal, or should it just stop trying? Natal has the potential to breach the Japanese gaming scene like, say, Halo wouldn't - but on the other hand, with the Wii and Sony's own motion control on the horizon, will it really stand out? Maybe there should be a Natal app that appeals to the JRPG crowd - stand around, do a dramatic pose, summon a giant elemental monster, that sort of thing.

For the record, though, we agree with GameSetWatch: The best single part of the video starts around 3:35, with Tsunoda's hilariously non-heartfelt congratulation, complete with thumbs-up to the camera. I guess sarcasm doesn't bridge the language gap well.

Also for the record, I love Japanese television. It's just so... energetic.

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