Latest Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Debuts New Characters

| 1 Oct 2009 14:43

Only days after officially confirming the existence of Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has released an extended trailer for the game highlighting a few of its new characters.

Not only does this 2+ minute long clip include footage of oversized Native American stereotype T. Hawk and foxy Taekwondista Juri, it also reveals yet another classic character to be included in the game's roster. Specifically, the series' resident Rastafarian capoeira master Dee Jay.

Now that Capcom has revealed three of the eight additional characters Super Street Fighter IV adds to vanilla SFIV, we're left to speculate on who the final five might be. I'm guessing two of them will be brand new characters, and the remaining three will include Street Fighter III's Ibuki and Makoto and -- because Capcom needs a huge, wacky reveal -- the dice from Quiz & Dragons.

You scoff now, but those gigantic dice could at least take Dan.

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