Ninokuni's DS Cart is the Biggest Ever

| 7 Oct 2009 00:24

The first game to hit the DS cart's maximum size will be Ninokuni: Another World

Level-5's Ninokuni: Another World will not only contain cutscenes created by Studio Ghibli that take a long time to make, it will also be packed to the brim with a fully orchestrated soundtrack. Ghibli's Joe Hisaishi is working on the score for the RPG, and his work has forced Ninokuni to require a 4 Gigabit (512 MB) DS cart.

While some reports have stated that Ninokuni is on a 4 GB card, close to the size of a DVD, this is apparently a likely (and easy to make) error. 4 Gigabits is still pretty big for a DS cart; the largest cart ever according to Nintendo Power. I would think that the animation being done for the game also has something to do with the cart's size.

Joe Hisaishi has got some talent, so it's nice to see that Level-5 is spending the dough (assuming that it is purchasing the larger carts) to get as much space as they can for Ninokuni. All of Ghibli's stuff is just awe-inspiring, even if you don't necessarily like anime, though I hope Level-5 brings the gameplay to match Studio Ghibli's greatness. Knowing Level-5, it will. Ninokuni: Another World's recent Tokyo Game Show trailer is the video accompanying this article, so check it out and see why this RPG could be worth your while.

(Via: CVG)

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