The Week in Review

| 14 Nov 2009 02:00

This Week in Review is Call of Duty special, with all the top Modern Warfare 2 stories from the past seven days.

That...Is a Lot of Users...


Xbox Live hit a milestone this week as two million users logged on to the system at the same time. Major Nelson's Tweet on the matter didn't go into specifics, but let's face it, we all know that it's because of Modern Warfare 2. Don't be coy Nelson, we know what's going on... we've always known. (link)

Fox News Attacks MW2, No One Is Surprised


Oh Fox News, what would we do without you? Well, we'd all have lower blood pressure and games would probably be much further on as an art form, but that's rather beside the point. Fox News continued its misguided war against games this week, under the pretense of having a 'fair and balanced debate' about the game's themes. Also, a special prize has to go to Jon Christensen of /gamer for being the least eloquent spokesperson we could have hoped for. Hit the link for a video.



Ok, so Mewtwo comes out, and sells many, many copies. The world is unsurprised, but it may interest you, and this hypothetical and hard to surprise world, exactly how well it sold. Say we pick a market at random, the UK for example. In the UK, CoD: MW2 sold twice as many copies on its first day than Grand Theft Auto IV. That's right, Mewtwopulled a double GTA. Yes, I am making up slang, how good of you to notice. (link)

UK Politicians Catch Mewtwo Fever!


Well, sort of. Labour MP and staunch opponent of videogames Keith Vaz took his concerns over Modern Warfare 2 to the House of Commons, citing recommendations laid out in the Byron report about keeping inappropriate material away from children. At which point Sion Simon, the Minister of Culture, Media and Sport, pointed out that those recommendations were actually already being followed. Smooth going, Keith. (link)

FYI, There May Be A Test


Pop quiz! What was Cod Mewtwo's release date? If you said the 10th of November, then you'd be correct, but if you said the 9th, or 8th or quite a few days this month well, you'd be kinda correct too. Several retailers, most notably gaming giant GameStop, broke the street date for the game and allowed gamers to get their hands on it a few days early. Activision was, somewhat predictably, rather unhappy about this, but says that it will not punish gamers who snagged an early copy. (link)

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