Stonking Great Game Winner Announced

| 17 Nov 2009 16:00

Since August, members of The Escapist community have been hard at work creating flash games for our fist ever Stonking Great Game contest. We had a ton of great submissions that our distinguished list of industry judges had to play and eventually choose one as their favorite. After countless hours of gaming, they have made their decision. Congratulations to "Yahtzee's Last Stand," created by Alconja! As promised, this game will be featured in a upcoming special Zero Punctuation and and is available for viewing HERE.

Here is a list of industry elites who helped us judge this contest, along with our own Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw:

    Dan Teasdale: Design Lead, Harmonix
    Richard Dansky: Central Clancy Writer, Red Storm
    Chad Dezern: Studio Director, Insomniac
    Nate Fox: Game Director, Sucker Punch
    Greg McClanahan: Director of Games, Kongregate
    Kelly Zmack: President, Radical
    Brian Bright: Project Director, Neversoft
    Joby Otero: Chief Creative Officer, Luxoflux

Since there were so many great entries in the Stonking Great Game contest, we felt the only way to truly recognize the cream of the crop for their hard work and dedication would be to let The Escapist community play all of them! There are 22 games for you to play free of charge, so sit down, grab your favorite drink and get ready for some quality flash gaming... Zero Punctuation style. Click here to begin.

Congrats again to Alconja and all of the entrants for making this event such a success.

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