Dead Space 2 Teased With Ink Blots

| 5 Dec 2009 11:47

A cryptic inkblot picture has appeared on the internet, heralding the next installment in the sci-fi survival horror series.

EA sure does love its viral marketing campaigns, as following all the various stunts it perpetrated to market Dante's Inferno, it's teasing us with Rorschach style inkblots with weird symbols scrawled at the bottom.

The image was uploaded to what appears to be the official Dead Space Twitter account and apparently contains the silhouettes of many of the first game's monsters, and the symbols is actually Unitology script and reads "the nightmare is over but it will not end".

As teasers go, it's pretty intriguing. I never got round to playing Dead Space, not all the way through at least, but this has piqued my interest and I might have to revisit it.

Just out of interest, what do you folks think it looks like?

Source: Kotaku

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