Screenwriter Talks About Original Vision for WoW Movie

| 6 Dec 2009 11:49

When Sam Raimi took the helm of the World of Warcraft movie, he had a very clear vision of the story he wanted to tell, and unfortunately that vision didn't include original screenwriter Gary Whitta, who has spoken about his original idea for the movie.

"I thought I did a good job that people who love the game would get a good account of the world. All the major races, all the major places, and some of the lesser known ones were in there." This was how screenwriter and former gaming journalist Gary Whitta described his screenplay for the World of Warcraft movie. Sadly, we're not going to ever get to see how well he did, as when Sam Raimi signed on to direct, it was decided that Whitta's script wasn't going to be used.

"I think in the end I came up with a movie that I thought was really cool, but what happened with Sam [Raimi] is that they always wanted a big director, and they landed one of the biggest with Sam," he explained. "I think he'll make an incredible movie. But he just had a very different vision. He wanted to tell a completely different story, so they went a different way."

In Whitta's opinion, his script was accessible to newcomers to the franchise, while remaining true to the spirit of the game. However he is magnanimous about how things played out: "I felt we did a good job of that, and I'm sure Sam's version will do the same."

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