How to Dress Like You're in Modern Warfare 2

| 18 Dec 2009 16:30

Haven't you always wanted to dress like you were Soap MacTavish wading through snow in MewTwo? Me neither!

Marc Ecko's adver-zine, Complex, showed its readers what real-world items to buy in order to appear kind of like three different characters in Modern Warfare 2. Accessories and garments from varied sources such as Eddie Bauer and North Face are detailed for the Brazilian gangsters in the favelas of "Wolverines," John "Soap" MacTavish from the "Cliffhanger" level and Task Force 141 from the "Contingency" mission. Keep in mind that it's not cheap to look like you're in a video game; the most inexpensive ensemble on the list totals $824.

I'm not sure it's in anyone's best interest to try to emulate a character in a game quite so much, especially since that's been known to get gamers in trouble. Plus, I don't think any of these outfits are terribly "cool." Why didn't they show us how to look like Max Payne and Seifer from FFVIII or even Crimson Viper and Alyx Vance for the ladies out there?

I guess a hip hop fashion magazine that basically gives away copies can't be assumed to be as dorky as the rest of us. But, come on, do you really want to pay $1194 to look like MacTavish tramping through the snow?

Source: Complex

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