Xbox Thief Nabbed By Playing Online

| 28 Dec 2009 11:14

A man in the Bronx played a stolen Xbox 360 over Xbox Live and the cops traced the IP address back to his grandmother's house.

The 22-year-old man, Jeremiah Gilliam, was found with many items including GPS devices, PlayStations, laptops and videogames that he allegedly received from burglarizing homes and breaking into cars in Westchester County, New York. One of the victims of the thefts was playing another Xbox online and saw that his old console was also connected. He informed his parents, who then notified the police.

Pelham Detective John Hynes said, "On the day of the burglary, the victim used another Xbox and saw his system was already online." Police found "a total of 53 items, including stolen credit cards" at the house. Gilliam was already under investigation for stealing goods from 13 unlocked cars in the New York area, and he is now booked on Grand Larceny.

The ability to trace gaming consoles via their IP address is amazingly cool. I suppose being a New York City cop isn't just about funny taglines and John McClane bravado.

And this story goes to show all you thieves out there, don't play with stolen goods. Big Brother is watching you, as is the kid you stole that Xbox from.

Source: NY Post

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