Is Sony Planning to Use Intel Chips for Future PlayStations?

| 28 Dec 2009 16:53

Industry sources are suggesting that Sony was considering using Intel's Larrabee chipset for the PS4.

Hiroshige Goto, of Japanese site PC Watch, has claimed that Sony was considering using Intel's proposed Larrabee combined graphics and processor chipset to power the next PlayStation.

Citing a number of unnamed sources, Larrabee failed to deliver the raw power that Sony were looking for for the PlayStation 4, but according to an anonymous SCE exec, there is every chance that Larrabee could make it into the PS5 and the PS6.

All of this means that a new iteration of the PlayStation is a long way off, as the decision on processor architecture is probably the most fundamental one that needs to be made.

Whether Sony decides to go with an improved version of the existing Cell processor, or if it will use a more traditional structure for its next console remains to be seen, but if these rumors are to be believed, Sony is again going to escalate the console war, rather than move laterally as Nintendo did with the Wii.

Source: Joystiq

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