Take the Battlestar Galactica Quiz, Nugget!

| 4 Jan 2010 09:00

How much do you know about humanity's war with the Cylons? Time to find out.

The sci fi classic from the 80s, Battlestar Galactica, was reborn as a gritty, sweeping epic that covered everything from religious dogma to interspecies breeding. It floundered at times (oh, yes it did, don't argue), but was slick and stylish enough to earn a place in our hearts, just the same. And thus we have the first Battlestar Galactica quiz. (Does that mean there will be others? Mayyyyyybe.)

As always, you can take as long as you like, but your time will affect your position on the leaderboards. Oh, and fair warning: There are a few references to the original show in here, too. But none to Galactica 1980, because it's better that we all just forget that ever happened.

Good hunting. (Take the quiz.)

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