Is Dissidia: Final Fantasy Coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360?

| 5 Jan 2010 13:16

According to a Japanese game magazine, Square-Enix's PSP crossover Final Fantasy brawler Dissidia is bound for the high-definition home consoles.

Apparently there's actually some sort of plot in Dissidia: Final Fantasy (if the Wikipedia page is to be believed, anyway), about how how the goddess of harmony Cosmos and the god of discord Chaos are fighting and created a world from the shattered remnants of other world where they all picked their respective champions and so on, but let's not kid ourselves - the purpose of Dissidia is pure Final Fantasy fanservice, where Sephiroth can fight Kuja and then fangirls can write slash fiction about it.

But the downside to having a surprisingly engaging (and good-looking) action RPG is that it's on the teeny tiny PSP screen, which makes it difficult to appreciate. However, that may be changing, according to this unnamed Japanese gaming magazine (possibly big dog Famitsu?) that lists the game as coming out for the PS3 and 360. While there's no word if it'll be a remake with full HD support or just a downloadable thing that you can get on XBLA or PSN, Final Fantasy fans who don't own a PSP may find the news heartening.

And that's all we know, really - even assuming it is true, and you should (as always) take unconfirmed rumors with a grain of salt. Will it come out in the West? We don't know that, either! Guess we'll just have to wait and see, and dream of killing Cloud as Gabe dreamed of killing Tidus. Tidus was the better main character anyway.

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