These Are the Coolest F-ing Game-Related Cupcakes Ever

| 7 Jan 2010 10:14

100 cupcakes, 100 video-and-board-games. Can you name them all?

I wonder what drives a cake-maker (perhaps an amateur one, even?) to do something like this. According to the site, the master confectionarian (is that a word? It is now!) and friends have a tradition to ring in the New Year with games - and not just the video kind, either - and seeing as how it was their house's 100th anniversary, they decided to make 100 cupcakes. Only the cupcakes themselves would be a game, because each and every one would be made to represent a famous board game or videogame.

It's a cool little game on the site, where each cupcake comes with a little mouse-over box that you can look at to find the answer, though most of these are pretty easy, especially the videogames. While some of the characters look kind of silly (Duke Nukem, Link, and the Warcraft orc made me chuckle) the level of detail on many of these cupcakes is genuinely astounding. In fact, I can say that despite looking absolutely scrumptious, I'd almost feel bad about eating one thanks to how much work went into it.


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