Meet the Game Dogs - Gary and Bethany

| 12 Jan 2010 10:30

From the Executive Producer of Zero Punctuation and the publisher of The Escapist comes Game Dogs, The Escapist's newest animated series. Featuring the voice talents of Jon Etheridge, Tony Schnur and Alena Koch, Game Dogs is the story of Roger and Chet, two dogs on a mission to make a career out of making games - or get fired trying. Game Dogs premieres Thursday, January 14th only at The Escapist. Watch the Game Dogs trailer below and check out the details on Gary and Bethany.


Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel File
Employee Number: 3,007
Name: Gary
Position: Manager
Department: Games Division
Supervisor: Mr. Yee

Comments: Gary was previously the manager of the Accounting Software department.

He was transferred to the newly-created "Games Division" as a probationary promotion to reward him for his many years of dedicated service to Electro. Gary's many strengths include a highly-passionate work ethic and an obsessive attention to details.

Although his departments have always met production quotas, he has also frequently been cited as the cause for relatively high turnover rates. Quoting the exit interview with Employee Number 10,901: "I will never work for that a****** again. I hope he dies in a f****** fire. You can mail my severance to his g****** widow after I run over him with my m************* car."

Upper Management expects great things from Gary in his new role as _Manager_ of the _Games Division_. Or else they'll finally fire him.


Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel File
Employee Number: 13,756
Name: Bethany
Position: Artist / Token Girl
Department: Games Division
Supervisor: Gary

Comments: Bethany has been transferred to the newly-created Games Division from the Clip Art Division, where she was employed as an artist.

Bethany's Official Permanent Record contains numerous write-ups citing behavioral issues and repeated violent outbursts including several instances of physical violence (biting) against fellow employees. Quoting her most recent performance review signed by the Manager of Clip Art, Brad: "Bethany is the craziest bitch I've ever worked with. Please fire her. She scares me. Seriously."

Termination was deferred by Upper Management citing the need to maintain the current number of female employees, as per affirmative action statutes.

Check back here tomorrow for more in-depth info on upcoming Game Dogs characters from the Electro Software Human Resources Confidential Personnel File. If you missed Chet and Roger yesterday, click here to read their files!

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