Bayonetta Rap Video Makes a Great Trailer

| 9 Jan 2010 19:25

This Bayonetta rap is the perfect song to listen to while rolling on dubs.

Bayonetta recently hit store shelves to critical acclaim as a worthy successor to the Devil May Cry series. I've only played the demo myself, but that's what people are saying anyway. A group of musicians enjoy the character of Bayonetta so much, they've created a professional rap song all about her.

Called "Reaping Beauty," the song was written by MC Lars, Beefy, and Random, with a hook sung by Tina Root. If you haven't heard these names before, MC Lars describes himself as the originator of "post-punk laptop rap," Beefy is a nerdcore hip-hop artist that has written songs such as "Game Store Girl", Random is a Philadelphia based rapper with Mega Man themed albums Mega Ran and Mega Ran 9 under his belt, and Tina Root was the lead singer of Switchblade Symphony for 10 years. They've definitely come together to make something cool here.

Platinum Games' Bayonetta is a third-person action title about a witch that fights with guns and magical attacks made out of her own hair. The video pretty much gives you an idea of the craziness that can go on in the game. If I worked for Platinum Games, I would probably ditch whatever trailers I had been using before and go with this one instead. When professional musicians make awesome videogame music, it's pretty much the tops.

(Via: Game Informer)

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