Poll: 1 in 5 Women Have Dumped Their Boyfriend Over Videogames

| 20 Jan 2010 13:12

A poll in the U.K. revealed that 20% of the women who participated have ended a relationship with their partner because they spent too much time gaming.

How many times has your significant other complained to you about spending too much time playing games in front of your PC or TV screen? Well, it appears that you are not alone. According to a poll conducted by U.K. website, MyVoucherCodes, a lot of women are upset with their boyfriends or husbands for playing way too many videogames. While the poll is in no way a scientific study, the statistics it offers are somewhat harrowing:

  • 1 in 5 women have ended their relationships because the partner plays too much videogames or surfs the net too much.
  • 80% of the women polled said that their partners spends too much time playing games or on the internet.
  • 70% claimed that "gaming addiction" was the cause of arguments between the couples.
  • Call Of Duty (with no mention as to which one, but I assume it's MW2) was cited as the game most likely to cause a fight.
  • 72% of women said that their men spend too much time on the internet, but only 6% said it was enough to end the relationship.

"While men are more likely to spend their time running recon with, scoring goals against or shooting at people from all over the world, women are just as to blame for the time they spend online for relationship breakups according to the study," said Mark Pearson, the managing director of MyVoucherCodes. "I'm no relationship expert, but it seems that as technology improves, our ability to interact with those around us lessens - hopefully these statistics will be the push people need to reassess the way they treat loved ones."

Given that quote from the poll's administrator, I think the poll was conducted with a hefty bias. If the survey was only available on MyVoucherCodes, then the numbers would most likely be skewed by the demographic of women who visit that site.

Not mentioned in the poll was my own anecdotal evidence which suggests that 97% of gamers prefer playing games over fighting with their significant others.

Source: PCWorld


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