Mysterious Countdown Ticks Away at

| 26 Jan 2010 12:33

There's a big countdown clock ticking away at! What could it be?

I hope you didn't come here looking for the answer, because we don't know what it is. And even if we did, we wouldn't tell you. You'll find out soon enough anyway: There's just one day, 17 hours and change remaining before the big secret is revealed!

Will it be something big? Something huge? Something so mind-bogglingly awesome that our brains are at risk of being flattened into gooey gray pancakes by its life-changing magnitude of its blinding-white glory? Okay, probably not, but I bet it's going to be pretty cool. The countdown clock has the words "Expect the unexcelled" hovering over it - not much of a hint, but great fuel for speculation.

The heavy us of "ex" in the countdown title has led some forum posters at GOG to believe that the big announcement will be the arrival of the Ion Storm classic Deus Ex, a theory bolstered by a user who counted the number of stars in the background of the countdown screen (4,531) and then applied that number to numerical values for letters assigned by use of a rolling alphabet to determine that the image is in fact a code for "Deus." (This theory was later thrown into doubt, however, when it was suggested that it might not have been entirely serious.) Halo has also been suggested as a candidate, since Halo has four letters and the countdown has four elements. Hey, I didn't say it was a great theory.

The countdown has actually been running for a few days but GOG only recently started dropping of hints on its Twitter blog. The first, posted yesterday, described it as "The return of incredible karmic awareness," while today's clue is, "They are two different characters, but they complement each other beautifully." Got some ideas? Let's hear them!

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