Cliffy B. Teases Possible Gears of War 3 Announcement

| 27 Jan 2010 12:04

Epic's Cliff(y B)leszinski has teased a new "megaton" announcement in the pipes, expected by some (or many) to be an unveiling of Gears of War 3.

Anyone following Cliffy B. on Twitter would know that the Epic Games frontman had been recently Tweeting about some "kick-ass" news - news which was revealed yesterday to be the inclusion of Gears of War duo Marcus and Dom in Capcom's Lost Planet 2.

In confirming that the Lost Planet 2 thing had indeed been his "kick-ass" news (again via Twitter), Bleszinski then hinted at something even bigger to come. "Yes, [Lost Planet 2 is] the news. I said 'kick ass' which I think it is. Keep your eyes open for 'megaton face melting news.'"

Could said megaton, face-melting news be a reveal of the no-duh-they're-making-it Gears of War 3? Survey says: "Probably," and that is indeed my best guess. Of course, nobody knows for sure until this megaton announcement actually gets, um, announced.

Odds are, whatever it is - especially if it's Gears 3 - it'll show up at Microsoft's X10 event in early February. Keep an eye out (we sure will!)

(Via CVG)

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